Tayst Muse: Ines Naouali

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Meet Ines. 

When I started posting artwork to my page in 2015, Ines was one of the very first people I worked with. Ines & her friend, Alex Georgy sent me the most picturesque best friend Coachella pics & ever since, her photos have only gotten dreamier. Not only does her page give me major style goals, she is incredibly kind & inspires me daily with the quotes she posts to her IG stories. Based in sunny Los Angeles, Ines works full time as a Lifestyle Blogger & Social Media Coordinator. 


Join me, as I dive into the creative mind of Ines.

T: Where do you find creative inspiration?
Everywhere. My best friends, social media, my city, but mostly I take inspiration from my parents. They are both very unique. My mom was born under a palm tree in North Africa and got an education in Paris. She moved to the states, became a model, and eventually a celebrity stylist. My dad was born in Israel. He served in the army and eventually made his way to The States, too, where he pursued his dream to become a contractor and architect. They're both very artistic individuals. Different from my career, but also very similar where I'm able to pull ideas from them and make them my own.

T: As far as Iphone apps, what are you using?
I: Instagram hands down. I use apps to help edit and achieve the look I'm going for. Lately, I've been obsessed with grain. I start by using FaceTune to get rid of any blemishes and then I bring it into Lightroom and use a few of my presets. Lastly, I use VSCO for any additional lighting and vintage looks I've been liking lately.

T: What's in your work "toolkit?"
Macbook Pro, three notebooks & my favorite pen in the entire world. It's called the Pilot Precise V5 RT. It'll change your life!

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looking to the future -

T: 2018 is all about manifesting, what are some of your goals for the year?

I: Learning, learning, learning. Learning something new that I can apply in my career. Not being afraid of failing and asking a lot of questions.

T: Who has been your favorite company to work with? Who would you like to work with in the future?

I: Working with Revolve has been my favorite. Not only do I love the brand as a whole, but I love the team! They're so welcoming and FUN. I would love to work with Reformation in the future! A girl could dream, right?

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Follow Ines' insta favs: @earthyandy | @tezzamb | @sundays_are_for_lovers


Quickfire Q's- 

Fav Movie - Amelie

Style Icon - Audrey Hepburn

Fav Book - Young Love by Karen Rosetzsky

Celeb Crush - Charlie Hunnam

Fav TV Show - Game of Thrones

3 Fav Shops - Zara, Levis & Melrose Flea Market


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