Happy List: 01

One of my new years resolutions was to focus on the things that make me happy, more often. I take so many things for granted, so every so often, I want to just sit down & mentally take note of all of my favorite things at that exact moment. It could be anything from a song, a TV show, a movie, a product, an experience, whatever that makes me happy. I hope you enjoy. x T.


Glossier Phase 1

I'll admit, I first bought into Glossier because of the packaging & cute stickers, but 3 years later, & I couldn't be more obsessed with every product they release. I own every product, but recently bought the Phase 1 to restock some classics - on top of great products, the packaging is adorable. Shop Glossier for 20% off here.

Elizabeth & James White Candle

I can't focus without a candle burning - it's weird, I know, but it helps bring anxiety down when working on big projects for clients. This scent is my go-to, it smells like a Diptyque candle & its nearly $30 cheaper - bargin!

Gnocchi (Gucci Gang) Shirt

A Gucci style tee, without the Gucci style pricing, of course, this makes me happy.


This is a classic & if you haven't seen it, watch it immediately. 

Wonderland Magazine

At the moment, this is my fav magazine for creating mood boards & finding design inspo.

The Middle

I think I've played this song about 20 times while making this list. 

Not Pot Chocolate

I have pretty bad anxiety & this one-a-day chocolate has been a lifesaver. It helps to calm me down without giving me the high from THC.


This is my homepage and source for all things digital inspo. I take pride in my boards - they calm me down in stressful situations & the visuals get my brain going.


To kick off Happy List 01, I am giving away a Glossier Phase 1 set & a custom illustration by me. See my instagram for more details.

Giveaway open until 2/7.