Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer & BFF

I’m no Santa Claus but I do love to put together Christmas lists! I am pinning all of my favorite pieces year round to my numerous Pinterest boards. Below are my top 20 items for a bestie or sibling, shop below! Check out my Pinterest for even more inspiration this holiday season!

Xx Taylor

  1. Compartes Chocolate - I’m a sucker for good branding & no one brands their candy better than compartes. There are numerous flavors & collaborations, perfect for anyone in your family.

  2. Little Market Custom Candle - This is another gift that is great for anyone - your coworker, best friend, family member. There are a couple designs to choose from to create a custom printed candle & each purchase supports female entrepreneurs. The women behind this candle brand are entrepreneurs who have recently resettled from refugee camps.

  3. Silk Eyemask & Pillowcase kit - This is a total splurge, but with the high quality silk, it helps prevent hair breakage, frizzing & keeping your skin clear & full of moisture.

  4. Forever Busy Charger - This is another staple of mine - I never leave the house without my portable charger. I like this one because its compact & you dont need to bring your iphone cord with you.

  5. Lush Bath Bomb - This bath bomb will make it look like you are on the set of Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman” music video.

  6. Disposable Camera - This is a fun accessory to add to a stocking stuffer, perfect for a friend or family member interested in the photography world. It’s an old school style turned modern.

  7. Wonderland Magazine - This is one of my favorite fashion magazines. I would be so psyched to get a subscription of this magazine & Love Magazine. After you’ve read it, the content is great for collages, or just used as a coffee table style decoration.

  8. Rosebud Salve - This has been around for over 100 years - so its got to be good. It’s an all over skin salve / lip balm. Its one of the best I’ve tried.

  9. Glossier You - This is a perfect gift for a best friend or family member. It’s affordable & it’s super long lasting. It’s perfect for all ages & isn’t too over powering of a scent. Order it by the 11th for guaranteed christmas shipping. Use the code “YOULOOKGOOD” for a free mirror compact.

  10. Pop & Suki Custom Tag - I love anything customizable - give this gift to your bestie or your sister, & they can add it to their suitcase, purse, or backpack.

  11. Baggu Smiley Bag - This is so cheap but the bag is so high quality. Its a perfect grocery bag, or to keep in your car.

  12. Lumee Case - Give the gift of the perfect selfie lighting. The duo case is perfect to light up any photo op from the front or back of your iphone.

  13. Sing-a-long Karaoke Mic - This is just calling for a night of fun. For such a small mic, it puts out a pretty good sound, & lights up in disco colors.

  14. What do you Meme - Real Housewives Edition - This add on pack to the What Do You Meme game is hysterical for any Real Housewives fan. It’s got the funniest memes of all of the funniest ladies.

  15. Glow Recipe Mini Mask - This mini mask is a perfect introduction to one of the hottest brands of the year.

  16. Custom Towels - Another customizable product on the list, but who doesn’t love something with their name on it! These towels are so adorable & soft.

  17. Champagne Keychain - I am constantly losing my keys & know that I’m not the only one. This keychain is so fun for girls 21+!

  18. Winc Subscription - Give the gift of a monthly subscription to wine delivered to you at home! You can fill out a questionnaire of what you like best, & they can either suggest wines to send, or you can pick from a massive list. Summer Water Rose is one of my favorites from this site.

  19. Earring Initials - Support a small business & get these affordable earrings for all of your friends with their initials! It’d go great with a custom necklace.

  20. Becoming by Michelle Obama - Read all about one of the sweetest & kindest women in politics!

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