Gift Guide: Home & Office


I’m no Santa Claus but I do love to put together Christmas lists! I am pinning all of my favorite pieces year round to my numerous Pinterest boards. Below are my top 20 items for the “home designer” in your life, whether that’s you or your friend, shop below! Check out my Pinterest for even more inspiration this holiday season!

Xx Taylor

  1. Rainbow Bookends - Have a collection of old books? Add these bookends to instantly create an instagrammable design feature to any room.

  2. Ashtray - While I would never promote smoking, I think this could be used on a bed side table as a jewelry catch all.

  3. Pink Chair - This is what I’d imagine my drawings would look like if they were to come to life. I could picture it for both indoor & outdoor use.

  4. Rainbow Candle - A cute candle is suddenly made much cuter when it’s on sale. Run don’t walk to get these before they sell out. I can’t wait to burn mine!

  5. Palm Tree Print - This is a limited edition print of only 50 - it’s from a super talented Australian artist & would look so great on a gallery wall.

  6. Inspirations & Ideas Notebook - This is sorta cheesy, but I like the message behind it. I want to start one at the beginning of 2019 as a “manifestation diary” to write down all of my goals for the year.

  7. Pink Mixing Bowls - It’s proven that when you cook with cute cookwear your food tastes better. These milky pink mixing bowls are perfect for any type of chef.

  8. Kate Moss Book - Whether you are a huge Kate Moss fan or not, the photographic quality in this book is phenomenal. It’s also a good staple to have as a decorative coffee table too. This one is also a great one to have.

  9. Heart Light - Hurry! This ones on sale for over $100 off! This would look so cute in your apartment or home!

  10. Dreams to Reality Print - I have this hanging up in my office to remind me to stay humble & keep working until I turn my dreams into my reality.

  11. Floral File Folders - I have tons of these to file away all of my art projects & collage materials. It’s such a fun way to break up my work.

  12. Round Mirror - Round mirrors > Rectangular mirrors. I love the design look of this style, its so modern & cool.

  13. Planner - One of my goals for the upcoming year is to become more organized. I’m hoping this planner will help.

  14. Polaroid Frame - If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love my polaroid camera. I have hundreds of polaroids sitting in a box - with this frame, I can switch out polaroids monthly to be showcased off in my office.

  15. Productivity Notebook - Having this out on my desk will remind me to stick to my daily tasks & determine what I need to focus on first.

  16. Pens - Like cooking with fun cookwear, working with fun office supplies just makes work that much better. I collect “Bic” pens from restaurants & hotels, so these are a fun addition to them.

  17. Hello Neon Sign - My favorite part about this neon is how it lights up my room bright pink. For a neon sign, it is incredibly affordable.

  18. Pink Felt Board - This is a perfect addition to any house - you can create funny sayings & instantly have something to instagram!

  19. Beach Print - I purposefully picked this print, because I think the colors would look great with the other two prints featured on a gallery wall.

  20. Rainbow Tray - If you’re going to buy the rainbow bookends, you might as well get this too. It’d look great on your coffee table next to your new Kate Moss book!

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