Gift Guide: Food & Fitness


I’m no Santa Claus but I do love to put together Christmas lists! I am pinning all of my favorite pieces year round to my numerous Pinterest boards. Below are my top 20 items for the “foodie & fitness” gal in your life, whether that’s you or your friend, shop below! Check out my Pinterest for even more inspiration this holiday season!

Xx Taylor

  1. Smeg Mixer - I have recently been super into baking & my mixer has been a life saver. It cuts the preparation time & makes baking & cooking so much easier. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks cute on your countertops.

  2. Olive Oil Bottle - Finishing olive oil is so important & elevates the flavor of a dish so much. The oil that comes in the bottle is super high quality & after we finished it, we just refill the bottle because it’s way cuter than the typical store bought brands.

  3. Cravings Hungry for More - This cookbook is definitely best when used on your cheat day. As the title says, it is full of crave-able meals. They are all super easy to make & one of my family’s go-to cookbooks.

  4. Ivy Park Slides - Perfect before & after working out. I bought these & wear them almost every day. I love the clean look of them & I’m happy to support any brand Beyonce backs.

  5. Malibu Farm Cookbook - This cookbook is full of healthy but super tasty family meals. My favorite is the chicken quesadillas - I make them monthly!

  6. APL Running Shoes - Not going to lie - I saw the Kardashians wearing these, so I suddenly became a fan. The clean lines & comfort of the shoe make the price worth it.

  7. Outdoor Voices Leggings - I feel like O.V. is the milennial version of Lulu Lemon. The colors & designs are trendier, & the material has just the right amount of stretch & comfortability while also looking super flattering on all body types.

  8. Bangle Weights - These added 1 pound weights can be used in nearly every type of workout. Your muscles will be exhausted after continuous use of them.

  9. Workout Shorts - I hate working out, but if I’m going to do it, I want to look cute and remain comfortable.

  10. Workout Top - Ditto to what I said above, but this top is so cute, I would wear it just for the streetwear “athleisure” look.

  11. Cherry Bombe x Hedley & Bennet Apron - Two of my favorite foodie companies coming together to make the most ideal milennial pink apron - talk about dream. Both companies were founded & operated by women. Cherry Bombe has the cutest magazine series & on their site they sell a few additional kitchen accessories. Hedley & Bennet is the go to brand for both professional & home chefs, with numerous styles of aprons & kitchen-wear sold on the site.

  12. Yoga Mat - This yoga mat was too funny not to feature on the list. It’s a humble reminder to work off those calories before indulging in a yummy meal.

  13. Le Creuset Dutch Oven - This is a kitchen piece I didn’t realize how much I needed and wanted it until Chrissy Teigen called for a few of her recipes to be cooked in a dutch oven.

  14. Recipe Box - I was recently given this as a gift & have been adding to it ever since. It’s been super helpful to look through on nights when I’m not sure what I’m craving or want to cook.

  15. Peloton Accessories - As a work-from-home artist, my day to day schedule is never the same so it’s always hard to set a consistent workout schedule. With the Peloton, I can take both live & on demand spin classes. With these accessories, it allows me to take the extra on demand classes such as toning my arms.

  16. Peloton Bike - The accessories would be no good without the bike. It’s a hefty fee up front, but it is 100% worth it.

  17. Mini Waffle Maker - This was another thing I didn’t realize I was missing in life until I saw it. It’s so adorable & the perfect cheat day snack size.

  18. Booty Bands - After you have the waffles, pull out the booty bands to strengthen & tighten the muscles in your legs and butt.

  19. Hydroflask - Not only does drinking water help your skin, it helps your overall health. It’s been my mission to cut out plastic water bottles as much as I can, so this has been a life saver.

  20. Kitchen Aid Food Processor - This should be in every kitchen no matter how talented of a chef you are. For beginner chefs, its great to just throw your food in here to consistently chop it all up. For more advanced chefs its great to cut down preparation time & also to make sauces & dressings.

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