dream houses: a tale of my favorite pinterest board

Lately, I have become so obsessed with home decor & organizing. I constantly have tabs open of all of my favorite furniture and accessories - enough to fill an entire dream mansion. While I'm still ballin' on a budget, I can only dream. One thing I have wanted to splurge on for the longest time is a custom neon sign. While scrolling on pinterest, I came across this "Hello" neon - first off, SO cute, secondly, I thought I read the price wrong at first, it is so affordable. I just bought it & can't wait to hang it up in my room & take loads of pics. If you are as obsessed with neon signs as I am, I def recommend checking out the options at Urban Outfitters. This is surely going to sell out, so run don't walk when getting that credit card at checkout!! 

Shop this neon here.
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